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TexCreate 3.2 Out! No MongoDB Tho?

I released TexCreate 3.2 with a few minor improvements relating to the alert that checks for new updates, which adds a timeout so you aren't checking forever and adding a feedback and donate commands to support the project better. However I also talked about 3.2 introducing a big overhaul of changes, why didn't it?

Well after thinking about it extensively, its a lot bigger of a migration than I had first expected. Such that I have to consider how I would support TexCreate 3.0-3.2 that use the Github release system and how I would migrate to MongoDB, so the answer will be by adding some type of abstraction through a new library called texcreate-db which will replace texcreate-repo.

The whole process will require a lot of planning and maybe won't be implemented until a few more TexCreate versions, so I decided I will implement it in a milestone fashion, as it will also work with my busy schedule where I'm finding it hard to give the project the much needed love it requires.

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