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TexCreate V1.1.0

TexCreate has been one of the major projects in MKProjects and it's finally considered, stable! As of Version 1.1.0 it is now stable and here are some of the major changes...

New Way init works

In the previous versions, for single-mode projects it just made the config.toml it just gave you a configuration, but now it asks
for user input, if you're not up-to it, just say yes to keep default configurations.

No More Create command

The Create Command I wasn't a complete fan of,and I kept it because I wanted to provide different ways of using this tool. However due to a more efficient way of adjusting templates, (replacing {field}) I had to remove the create command so it doesn't look irregular. However if you're not a fan of always opening a text editor for config.toml, just use the edit command.

# To install texcreate 
$ cargo install texcreate 
# Using the edit command, make sure to be in same directory 
# as config.toml
$ texcreate edit --mode single -- template Theatre 
No changes to author field
No changes to title field
No changes to date field
No changes to project_name field
Changing template from Basic to Theatre
No changes to paper_size field
No changes to font_size field
No changes to document class field
No packages added
No packages removed
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TexCreate Web

TexCreate web runs on a rocket web server and when the command is ran, it also creates a texcreate.html file and tc_files for the server to use. To start the server use texcreate web and the server will be on This is an alternative to using a config.toml file and just use a web version (also on

Note: Under the hood there's more changes such as more Error handling and optimizations to reduce unnecessary bindings, borrowing, etc.

I hope you enjoy these new changes, and get ready for the programming book on building a cut-down version of TexCreate called, Creating a TexCreate.

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