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Security Acknowledgements [Series] πŸ”

About Me πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’»

Muhaddis is a Web Developer & Security Researcher who acknowledged by top companies including DEV, Google, Sony, Microsoft, Intel, WhatsApp, Adobe and many other organizations for helping them finding security flaws in their products. He's also interested in cloud-related technologies. ✨ Have doubts? See

What this Series is all about? πŸ‘€

Back in 2017, I was very interested in Cyber Security, especially in web application penetration testing. I started Bug Bounty(Where you get rewarded and acknowledged for finding security bugs in a responsible disclosure manner) and I helped many organizations helping them secure their applications.

Since all the vulnerabilities are resolved, I thought to share my findings with the developer community so they can understand security vulnerabilities that exist in web applications and follow security best practices to improve the security of their applications.

I wrote the posts back in 2017, so pardon me for any grammatical and writing mistakes. For TLDR, read Steps to Produce section and you will understand all the context otherwise feel free to read the whole post if you are an avid reader.

Enough said! See the posts πŸ“–

Make sure to see My Portfolio to know more about me. Liked the Portfolio? ⭐️ it on GitHub

Also see: My Journey From Getting Hacked to a Security Researcher (Ethical Hacking)

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