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Acknowledgement From Recorded Future

muhaddimu profile image Muhaddis ・1 min read

Cyber Security Rehearsing is going great. I cherish programming and afterwards the Vulnerabilities that stand because of the low level of Programming.

Same Issue I have found on Recorded Future's site. The defects I have found are Email Spoofing and Clickjacking and the site is responsible of their Security issues, I informed all of them and the following one day I got a thanks answer from them, In one week they settled this issue.

They offer Acknowledgements to me furthermore included my name in their site's Hall Of Fame.

See below Proof of concept.

Alt Text

Alt Text

Thanks to Recorded Future for giving me Acknowledgement.

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Muhaddis is a Web Developer & Security Researcher who acknowledged by top companies including DEV for helping them finding security flaws in their products. He's also interested in cloud technology ✨


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