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Building a mental health crisis app, Day 5: Routing between pages

The app is called “Help Me” and is designed primarily as an “SOS” (distress signal) to a selected circle of trusted people when someone is going through a mental health crisis. The user can send a message with their location to one person or everyone in their community. The goal is to build a trusted community around the user with private conversations and a system to show their emotions. This will help the trusted people to be aware of the user's range of emotions.

Day 5 of Development

At the end of Day 4, I submitted a pull request (PR) for the log-in and set-up account screens for review to my project's partner, Miguel Hernandez. Day 5 was mainly following those recommendations, learning about Angular services, and saving inputted data.

PR Recommendation: User can navigate through all screens

Miguel asked if I can learn about routing with Angular and allowing for the user to navigate through the app.

GIF of routing through project

PR Recommendation: Add new logo to desktop view

Miguel has updated the wire-frame with new desktop views. He asked if I could incorporate the awesome logo he found into the app but just for large screens. These gave me a chance to deep dive into TailWindCSS design responsive class utilities and refactoring the log-in screen to include a big image.

GIF showing new logo image

PR Recommendation: Remove an outline in input fields

Miguel showed me that when a user is typing in an input field, an outline is briefly shown. He asked for me to remove it. Honestly, I didn't know there was a difference in an outline vs a border. This was a great learning opportunity in CSS and UX.

PR Recommendation: Restyled header elements

Miguel asked if header elements that is used for navigation be styled with a cursor pointer. In hindsight, I know these should be links instead of headers. But it gave me an opportunity to learn how TailwindCSS apply cursor pointers to elements.

GIF showing use of cursor pointers

PR Recommendation: Save the user data with Angular Services

As the user creates a user account, the data needs to be saved so it can be updated to a back-end database. I learn best by having a tactical reason to do something and this was perfect. Researching Angular service took me through Angular documentation, a pluralsight course, and several blog articles.

What's Next

  • Miguel wireframe's mobile design included a certain background image. Tomorrow I want to learn how to use TailwindCSS to include and manipulate that imported background image.
  • I want to resubmit my pull request to see if there are more recommendations I can learn from.

Stay on the lookout for a Day 6 breakdown blog post!!!

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