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A passionate plea to build side projects in service to your community.

I would like to encourage software developers to use their skills to create solutions for challenges within their communities. Your community starts with those you can directly touch and influence. Being in service to them means looking beyond ourselves and bringing value to others.

One example that resonates deeply with me is the app I created called "Keeping Up." This app allows multiple individuals to come together and contribute to the care of a loved one, particularly our elderly. Taking care of our elders is not only a privilege but also a means to stay connected with our roots and our values.

Recognizing the challenges faced by individuals balancing the care of elderly relatives with their own families, "Keeping Up" addresses the need for a support system to prevent burnout. It truly does take a village to provide the necessary care, love, and attention for the well-being of a loved one. As software developers, we must ask ourselves how we can serve others with the talents we possess.

"Keeping Up" was designed with key features in mind, such as

📱 A mobile-first UI/UX
🗓️ Listing upcoming appointments
💊 Listing medications
👵🏾 Unique tasks specific to each loved one

The impact of this app is that everyone involved in the care of a loved one can easily coordinate and support one another. The primary caregiver can also share precious memories and experiences through journal entries, creating a sense of unity and support within the caregiving community.

Once again, we have the incredible opportunity to truly impact our community with our skills and dedication through building applications. Let's seize this chance to make a difference and create something that will positively impact those around us.

You can check out this full stack side project at:

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Trevor Nanney

I completely agree. We have the chance and skillset to impact so many people's lives that we should take seize the opportunity and assist in any way we can. Such an encouraging post and great project. Thanks for sharing!

ihuicochea profile image
Isaac Arcos Huicochea

Love the call to action! There's tons of needs our community has that just aren't met, so this resonates immensely! Keep up the good work!

jcsmileyjr profile image
JC Smiley

Thank you.