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[Game of Purpose] Day 0 - The decision

I have a problem.

I can't finish any project.
Whatever I start I stop doing halfway through.
One reason is that I loose a purpose.
My brain thinks that the feature I do is pointless and no one will ever use.
I figured out my limit is about 2 months max, after which I loose interest.
This usually happens because I travel for a couple of days, after which the context in my head clears out and I seem to not be able to come back.

I want to change that.

During my evening (1:30 am) staring at my mirror while brushing my teeth I had a thought.
I realized that another reason for my project-dropping is that I try to come up with something new and in the meantime I can't come up with new ideas and that's why I might loose interest.

That's why I will not bother myself with coming up with something new. I will functionally copy 1 to 1 a game.

Lately I've been playing Manor Lords.
I really liked it.
The autor spent 7 years creating it mostly on its own.
I wonder how long will it take me to write it as well.

I basically have 0 experience in game dev.
I played around with Unity and Godot, but I don't really know much.
Manor Lords is written in Unreal engine and I'd like to do the same.
I don't have much C++ experience and I really don't like doing graphics stuff, but hey, let's get out of a comfort zone.

My plan is to write a status post every day.
Even if I don't do anything I will write about it.
Short or long - doesn't matter.

I hope tomorrow my motivation is the same as now when I'm laying in bed.


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hizrawandwioka profile image
Hizrawan Dwi Oka

that's great, we start almost at the same time and with similar motivation. I hope you can finish your project