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YPSKA #7 Static site generators

Following up on yesterday's post about the JAM Stack, today I'm talking about static site generators. I've already mentioned one of these generators, Next.js.

Static site generators takes some definitions of a site and renders it into a static site that doesn't have any dynamic parts, i.e it is not dependent of a ASP.NET, node etc back ends. It could be run just out of basically any storage.

A common scenario for this is a blog. You add posts in, for instance, a GitHub-repo, and then run the generator to add links etc to the newly created page.

You usually crate new pages/blog posts using Markdown, a simplified mark up language to describe text layout (I'll probably do a post about that).

There's a great site listing all kinds of different static site generators.

Why don't you try out a site generator in your next project?

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