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YPSKA #5 Next.js

First of all, it hasn't been a week yet and I'm kind of running out of topics ;-) The problem isn't that there isn't enough technology to write about, it's more that I don't wan't to write about things that you probably already know about (Yes, you probably know most of the things I'm highlighting, but there might be something for everyone). So if you think something you're missing in my list please send me a message at and I'll take it into consideration.

So today I want to point your attention to Next.js. I stumbled upon this when reading about the JAM stack (this will be featured in the near future). Next.js is among other things a server site rendering tool (look another topic ;-)), it creates "static" site from your React-site. It is also a framework to build React-applications, without all the hassle with webpack-configuration etc.

I think it is a nice framework that is easy to get started with. There's a good tutorial att the website to get you up to speed, why not check it out right away.

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