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You should probably know about... (17 Part Series)

1) YSPKA #1: Pulumi 2) You should probably know about... 3 ... 15 3) YSPKA #2: gRPC 4) YSPKA #3: Dapr 5) YSPKA #4: Plop JS 6) YPSKA #5 Next.js 7) YPSKA #7 Static site generators 8) YPSKA #8 Headless CMS 9) YPSKA #9 Svelte 10) YPSKA #10 Runtypes 11) YPSKA #11 GROQ 12) YPSKA #12 Immer 13) YPSKA #13 Rollup 14) YPSKA #14 Pupeteer 15) YPSKA #15 Curl 16) YPSKA #15 Taking a break 17) YPSKA #16 lit-html

So, have you ever ended up debugging what the h*ll is returned from your REST service? A large chunk of JSON? You need to know if a field is set in one of all the records? What would you say about having a query language that you can run in the terminal for that JSON?

Have a look at GROQ. GROQ stands for Graph-Relational Object Queries, and is an open standard invented by Sanity, Inc. With GROQ you can write queries to find some specific data in your JSON-document. There's a nice introduction of GROQ here

So if you ever end up going through a large JSON document do

npm install -g groq-cli


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