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You should probably know about... (17 Part Series)

1) YSPKA #1: Pulumi 2) You should probably know about... 3 ... 15 3) YSPKA #2: gRPC 4) YSPKA #3: Dapr 5) YSPKA #4: Plop JS 6) YPSKA #5 Next.js 7) YPSKA #7 Static site generators 8) YPSKA #8 Headless CMS 9) YPSKA #9 Svelte 10) YPSKA #10 Runtypes 11) YPSKA #11 GROQ 12) YPSKA #12 Immer 13) YPSKA #13 Rollup 14) YPSKA #14 Pupeteer 15) YPSKA #15 Curl 16) YPSKA #15 Taking a break 17) YPSKA #16 lit-html

So I'm going to give blogging another go. I'm not sure how many technical (and some non-technical) blogs I've started since blogging became a thing. I usually loose interest in a couple of months, although my intention is of course to keep on going.

Anyway, this new project will kick off by starting a recurring series that will highlight certain technologies that I think you should at least know what it is. The title is "You should probably know about...". I will try to keep it short, maximum a five minute read, and I'll try to make it a daily thing.

So here we go: YSPKA #1

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