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Emilien Leroy
Emilien Leroy

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Improving visuals effects of my game

Falling Square v0.4.0

Hi everybody, a new release of my game Falling Square was released the last week. In this release you will find new visual effects, new sound effects and a new statistics view to see how you are good at this game. The game is currently available only on Android, but an IOS version should be available begin of 2023.

Better visuals effects

In this release, the biggest improvement is in the design of the game. A lot of details had been added to improve the user experience. The first change is the touched item animation, which is much better. Before only the color changed, but now the item explodes in little particular, which is very satisfying. The second change is the design of the touch zone. Now this zone is animated which adds a bit of difficulty when the square is little. I have also added a red flash when you lose a life. This help knows when a square is out of the screen. This allows users to always focus on items and not on the number of life

Better visuals effects

Adding sounds effects

Music and sound effects are important parts of games. Now Falling Square has background music and sound effect for each item. This improves the user experience. I also added two options to disable music and sound effect. I didn't add a volume slider because this game is only on a phone and on this device, the user often updates the global sound of the phone using the physical button and not the direct app sound.

Options for music


The last feature of this release is the new statistics view. Now after each game, the number of each item touched is stored on the phone. You can access the data via the statistics view.


What's next

That's all for this release. The next release will come in current begin in 2023 with an IOS version of the game. For the moment, you can download Falling Square on Android and find the source of the game on the GitHub repository. Thank you for reading this article!

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