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Emilien Leroy
Emilien Leroy

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New leaderboard on my game Falling Square

Falling Square v0.3.0

Last week I released a new version of my game Falling Square which add some new cool features. Falling Square is a simple arcade game where the main goal is to touch squares before they go out of the screen. It currently in development, but you can download the Android version to test it. This project is open source, you can contribute to it or create your own version of falling square.

New leaderboard

The main features of this version is the leaderboard. It adds a bit a challenge to the game. This feature use HighScore (an open source leaderboard I developed) to work. Highscore only store your username and your score. It uses a simple session id and a cookie to retrieve your score. No account is needed to send a score. Play to the game to send a score and try to beat the current top score!



The second new feature is the support of two langages: english and french. If you want add another language feel free to open a pull request.


Better home menu

In the previous version home page contain only a single button. Now in this version menu have been updated and you can easily access to the option view or the information view. I also add some pretty falling squares to the background of the home view.


What's next

If you want to support my work you can donwload Falling Square or leave a star to the github repository of the game. In the next version visual effect and sound effect will be improved. The github repository

Get it on Google Play

Thanks you for reading this article !

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