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From Escape the Wave to Pong Why I'm Taking on a New Challenge

This week marks the start of a new project for me. While my current project, Escape The Wave, is on hold as I'm awaiting visual assets from a friend, I've decided to take on a new challenge. One of the main reasons for starting a new project is that I want to train myself in implementing online multiplayer functionality, something which is currently too complex for me to implement in Escape The Wave.

For my new game, I've decided to create a simple multiplayer Pong game. The concept of Pong is straightforward, so there isn't much to say about the game itself. This week, I focused on developing the basics of the game, including two-player functionality and a score system.


Moving forward, I plan to work on the game's style and design to create a simple yet beautiful game. This will be my focus for next week.

Overall, I'm excited about this new project and look forward to continuing to develop it. While Escape The Wave is still a priority, I believe that taking on a new challenge will help me grow as a developer and better prepare me for future projects. You can find the repository of this project here.

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