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Django News - website redesign!


Help us make the website better

The 20tab agency is currently engaged in a pro-bono redesign of the website. Please fill out this short survey to help.

Thinking about running for the Python Software Foundation Board of Directors? Let’s talk!

This year’s Board Election Nomination period is open. Current board members want to share what being on the board is like and are making themselves available to answer all your questions about responsibilities, activities, and time commitments via online chat.

Enforcement of 2FA for began June 1st, 2023

PyPI now requires all uploads from accounts with 2FA enabled to use an API token or Trusted Publisher configuration.

PEP 594 has been implementated: Python 3.13 removes 20 stdlib modules

Python 3.13 removes 20 stdlib modules and Python 3.12 removed 5 stdlib modules. Check out this forum post to see what modules were removed.

PEP 658 is now live on PyPI - Packaging

Wheels uploaded to PyPI will have their METADATA files served along side them on , and the appropriate information served in the Simple API to determine if the file as available.

Updates to Django

Django PRs this week

We're trying out a new category, curated by Sarah Boyce, highlighting contributions to the Django codebase.

On the week starting May 22nd, we had 14 pull requests merged into Django by 13 different contributors - including 4 first time contributors! Congratulations to tuxo, Mohit Singh Sinsniwal, Andrii Kohut and gtleee for having their first commits merged into Django - welcome onboard!

Included in this week were improvements to the escape template filter docs and adding a new template filter escapeseq into 5.0.

Want to leave your mark on the framework but struggling to choose a ticket? Here are a couple you might find interesting: - Documentation #29762 - Document how database routers are used for related object access. - New Feature #30200 - Add support for using indexes in update() for ArrayFields.

Please read through the contributing guide and if you need any help, you can reach out on the Django forum or the Django Discord. We'd love to welcome you onboard!

Django Newsletter

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Ready to get your Django project to the next level?

At HackSoft, we offer expert Django software development, consultancy and support, to help you build robust and scalable software.


PyGrunn 2023: testing files like a pro (“faker-file”)

Maybe you have heard of the faker library, but have you heard of faker-file which helps generate and template text, csv, png, pdf, eml, and other valid file types.

You Can Ignore This Post

Michael Kennedy, host of the Talk Python podcast, highlighting GitHub's helpful repo of default .gitignore files.

Help test Python 3.12 beta!

The Python 3.12 release manager is encouraging maintainers of third-party Python projects to test with 3.12 during the beta phase and report issues found to the Python bug tracker as soon as possible.


DjangoCon US virtual co-writing

Do you want to write more? Do you want an introduction to other Djangonauts? Then perhaps you should attend the virtual co-writing sessions at DjangoCon US this year!

DjangoCon Europe 2024 announced!

In Vigo, Spain. More information to come soon. If you’d like to help the organizers in any way, please use


Django RSS Feed Tutorial

How to add an RSS or Atom syndication feed to a Django project.

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Django for Beginners/APIs/Professionals

Level up your Django knowledge with Django for Beginners, Django for APIs, or Django for Professionals, or gift it to a friend. Sample chapters are available to preview for free. Bundle discount available!


Community Events Coordinator - Python Software Foundation

The Python Software Foundation is looking for a remote, US-based, Community Events Coordinator.



A Python validation library to validate files using type, mime, extension, magic numbers and size.


Secure your Django app by controlling the access - grant or deny user access based on device and location, including VPN detection.

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