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Jeff Triplett (he/him) for Django News

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Django News - Bringing Locality of Behavior to Django


The 2023 PSF Board Election is Open!

In order to vote in this election, individuals must be a Contributing, Managing, Supporting, or Fellow member as of June 15, 2023, and have confirmed their intention to vote by June 19, 2023.

Wagtail 5.0.2 release notes

New features and bug fixes in the latest Wagtail version.

Announcing Our New Security Developer in Residence!

The Python Software Foundation now has a security developer in residence.

Updates to Django

Updates to Django

From Django Review and Triage Team Member Sarah Boyce...

Last week we had 13 pull requests merged into Django by 10 different contributors - including 2 first time contributors! Congratulations to Olivier Le Thanh Duong and Ashwin Dharne for having their first commits merged into Django - welcome on board!

This time filtering support was added to GIS aggregate functions, and an offset value was added to StepValueValidator! You will be able to use both of these features in 5.0.

Do you want to add something into Django 5.0? Why don't you update assertContains and assertInHTML to output a haystack on failure #34657? Look forward to welcoming you on board!

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Building Search DSLs with Django

What happens when there are too many fields for a UI to search on? Search DSLs can give a user more granular access to searching without exposing an overly complicated interface.

Bringing Locality of Behaviour to Django Views and URLs

An attempt via django-view-decorator to bring more locality of behaviour between Django URLs and views. Picking up on the concept first popularized by HTMX and highlighted by Carlton Gibson in his recent DjangoCon Europe talk, among other places.

Django Model Fields With Attributes

Jacob shows us how to use contribute_to_class, a Descriptor, and a string class to create a custom MarkdownField that can display both text and html.

Django: A security improvement coming to format_html()

Why format_html() can be dangerous, how to fix it, and why Django 5.0+ now has a patch fixing the issue.


Caching in Django with Redis

A step-by-step guide on implementing caching with Redis in Django.

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Big tech thinks everyone needs to build aircraft carriers, but all you need is a horse. We’ve distilled what we’ve learned, making all the little picky decisions so you don’t have to: just get to work on your project!


DjangoCon Europe 2023: Use SQLite in production

Tom Dyson revisits the traditional wisdom that SQLite is not suitable for production. He takes a deep look at several real-world examples, comparing its performance against traditional database options (PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc). And he explores exciting new developments in the SQLite ecosystem, particularly those which enable its use in machine learning in general and LLMs (large language models) in particular.

DjangoCon Europe 2023: All about

Paolo Melchiorre discusses the latest updates to the website, ongoing improvements, and exciting new developments.


Django Chat #141: How to Learn Django (Replay)

Carlton and Will discuss how to learn Django whether you are a total beginner or experienced web developer.



A generic system for filtering Django QuerySets based on user selections.


Restrict Django sessions to IP and/or user agent.


A very beta but cool decorator aimed at bringing locality of behaviour to the connection between a URL and a view in Django.

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