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Django News - Python 3.7 to 3.12 updates


New Python 3.7 to 3.11 releases and 3.12.0 beta 2 are now available

Another combined release of six separate versions of Python including 3.12.0 beta 2!

PEP 703: Making the Global Interpreter Lock Optional (3.12 updates)

A very informed discussion on PEP 703 to make the Python GIL optional.

Migrate your project to .readthedocs.yaml configuration file v2

An important deprecation announcement from ReadTheDocs: a .readthedocs.yml file will soon be required configuration on all projects.

Django Software Foundation

Django Software Foundation June meeting minutes

Meeting minutes for DSF Board monthly meeting, June 8, 2023.

Updates to Django

Updates to Django

Courtesy of Django Review and Triage Team Member Sarah Boyce...

Last week we had 16 pull requests merged into Django by 11 different contributors - including 3 first time contributors! Congratulations to XDEv11, EBIBO, and Howard Cox for having their first commits merged into Django - welcome on board!

This time there were even more accessibility improvements to the Django admin! For example, active row highlighting was added when in forced color mode. Did you know about forced color mode? I didn't! Love learning about how to make the web more accessible.

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Writing a chat application in Django 4.2 using async StreamingHttpResponse, Server-Sent Events and PostgreSQL LISTEN/NOTIFY

A very, very interesting example of writing a chat application with new Django features. We highly recommend you check this one out!

Pro-Tip – pytest fixtures are magic!

Pro tips from RevSys CEO Frank Wiles on using pytest fixtures to speed up your Django tests.

Django: A security improvement coming to format_html()

Adam Johnson walks us through how to use format_html and avoid a common XSS (cross-site-scripting) vulnerability.

Python Software Foundation: Working Groups

Dawn Wages explains how the PSF relies heavily on Working Groups, something the Django Software Foundation is starting to do more with, too.


Adding template fragments or partials for the DTL - Django Internals

A lengthy Django forum discussion on possibly adding inline partials or template fragment features to the Django Templating Language

Rejuvenating vs deprecating Form.Media - Django Internals

Another good and deep discussion about Form.Media in Django and the larger question of managing assets in Django.


Django ORM and QuerySets Tutorial

Build a recipes app while learning how the Django ORM and QuerySets work. This is a hands-on tutorial that introduces concepts such as chaining, filters, model managers, the Python shell, and more.

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DjangoCon Europe 2023: Yak-shaving to Where the Puck is Going to Be

Recently retired Django Fellow Carlton Gibson shares his thoughts on the future of Django and the concept of "locality of behavior." He starts by discussing Class-Based Views and introduces a new project, Neapolitan, an opinionated take on quick CRUD views.

Then he turns to HTMX and another new projects, django-template-partials, which are reusable named inline partials for the Django Template Language.

DjangoCon Europe 2023: Good form: How Django’s form rendering improved during the 4.x series

Under the hood, Django has made several major changes to forms in the 4.x series, including a new default style to replace as_table in Django 5.0. David Smith walks us through how forms work, why the changes were made, and what to expect in 5.0+.



Reusable named inline partials for the Django Template Language.


Django Authentication Backend Using Passkeys

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