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Django News - Wagtail Roadmap


Introducing the Wagtail Roadmap

Curious what's next for Wagtail? There's a roadmap for that.

Deprecation of bdist_egg uploads to PyPI

PyPI will stop accepting .egg uploads starting August 1, 2023. If you maintain and packages on PyPI, you'll want to know this.

Updates to Django

Updates to Django

From Django Review and Triage Team Member Sarah Boyce...

Last week we had 10 pull requests merged into Django by 8 different contributors - including 1 first time contributor! Congratulations to Yaser Amiri for having their first commit merged into Django - welcome on board!

Now, from Django 5.0, @sensitive_variables and @sensitive_post_parameters supports async functions!

Are you excited to contribute but not know where to start? Maybe you're interested in migrations? You could add logging of applied/unapplied migrations #24800and then you'd be perfect to add contributor documentation for django.db.migrations #24989! Look forward to welcoming you on board!

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COUNTing is hard: A tale of types in SQL and Django

The tale of an ORM bug that took several hours to sort out and led to a deep dive into what was actually going on.

QuerySets are Lazy

Exploring the Lazy Evaluation in Django QuerySets

State of WASI support for CPython: June 2023

From Brett Cannon, an update on where WASI support for CPython stood today and what he sees happening in the future.

How to Ditch Codecov for Python Projects

Codecov’s unreliability breaking CI on my open source projects has been a constant source of frustration for me for years. I have found a way to enforce coverage over a whole GitHub Actions build matrix that doesn’t rely on third-party services.

Python Type Hints - Modernized error messages in Mypy 1.4.0

A note on three new improvements to Mypy and how to use them.

2023 Python Software Foundation Board Nomination for Peolo Melchiorre

Paolo is a prominent member of the Django community and one of the candidates for election on the PSF Board.


Announcement: PyLadies Conference

A PyLadiesCon will take place on the first weekend of December this year, a transformative event designed to promote diversity, learning, and empowerment within the Python community. 🎉


Modern CSS Solutions

A series examining modern CSS solutions to problems Stephanie Eckles (@5t3ph), a seasoned frontend developer, has been solving for 15+ years.

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Big tech thinks everyone needs to build aircraft carriers, but all you need is a horse. We’ve distilled what we’ve learned, making all the little picky decisions so you don’t have to: just get to work on your project!


DjangoCon Europe 2023: Squeezing Django performance for 14.9 million users on WhatsApp

A talk focused on backend performance, specifically a Django REST API, used to disseminate accurate information about Covid and later manage registrations and bookings for vaccinations.

DjangoCon Europe 2023: Model-View-Controller (MVC) through the ages and in Django

MVC is an architectural pattern with a 50-odd year history that also left an imprint on Django. Can its continuing relevance teach us something about fundamental software design principles?



A Django messaging library.


Smart caching for Django using Celery to refresh cached items asynchronously.

New Maintainer Needed for the byro project (by end of July)

The Byro project is looking for a maintainer if anyone is interested in continuing the project.

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