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Django News #32 - New Python 3.8, PyCon Africa, San Francisco Django Virtual Meetup, and more.


Python Release Python 3.8.4

The fourth maintenance release for Python 3.8 with new features and optimizations.

Python Software Foundation News: Pip team midyear report

The grant-funded team working on improvements to pip in 2020 has now passed the halfway mark. Here's an update on where are so far and what's next.


Tickets are pay what you want for PyCon Africa 2020

Tickets available for the online conference August 4-8, 2020.

San Francisco Django Virtual Meetup on July 23rd

There is less than one week left before this virtual Django Meetup.


Invalid HTTP_HOST header errors in Django and Nginx

An overview and fix for the common issue of Invalid HTTP_HOST header errors when running behind Nginx.

Pure serverless Django with django-gcloud-connectors

Katie McLaughlin on configuring Django with the non-relational Google Datastore.

Beyond the Cache with Python and Redis

A look at using Redis for caching, sub/pub events, data streaming, as a search engine, and even a primary database.


Django Log In with Email not Username

Update the default username/email/password pattern on login/signup with just email/password using a custom user model and django-allauth.

How to Use psql in Docker Compose

If you run Postgres under Docker, odds are you will eventually need to run psql. This tutorial is a nice intro.

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Speed Up Your Django Tests

Are you bored of waiting for " test" to finish? Read this book while you wait! It has many tips and tricks that apply to all projects, big and small, and it covers both Django's test framework and pytest.


Django Chat #72 - Django 3.1 Preview with Mariusz Felisiak

Django Fellow Mariusz Felisiak joins us to discuss the new features in Django 3.1, including async views/middleware/tests, cross-db JSONFields, improved admin, the addition of pathlib, and more.

Django Chat #73 - Summer Break

Carlton and Will take the rest of the summer off. Expect new episodes, guests, and topics this September.

Simon Willison - Data Journalism, The Importance of Side Projects

Django co-creator, Simon Willison, discusses the importance of Side Projects, his early days working on Django in Lawrence, Kansas, and his Datasette project.



Adds Content-Security-Policy headers to Django. See Adam Johnson's post How to Score A+ For Security Headers on your Django Website for more information.


Set the draft security HTTP header Feature-Policy on your Django app.


Simply integrate the Summernote editor in a Django project.


A subscription and recurrent billing application for Django.

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