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Day 89: Share

What is Web Share API?

The Web Share API is a standardized web interface that enables developers to trigger the native sharing functionality of a device directly from a web application. This API simplifies the process of allowing users to share content, such as text, links, and media, across various platforms and applications installed on their devices.

// Check if the Web Share API is supported
if (navigator.share) {
  // Define the data to be shared
  const shareData = {
    title: 'Check out this awesome article!',
    text: 'Learn about the Web Share API with this in-depth guide on',
    url: '',

  // Trigger the native share dialog
    .then(() => console.log('Share successful'))
    .catch((error) => console.error('Error sharing:', error));
} else {
  console.error('Web Share API not supported');
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  1. Check for Support:
    Before implementing the Web Share API, it's crucial to check if the API is supported by the user's browser. This can be done by verifying the existence of the navigator.share property.

  2. Customizing Shared Data:
    Tailor the shared content by customizing the shareData object. Include a title, text, and URL to provide users with context when they share.

  3. Handling Share Success and Failure:
    Utilize the promise returned by navigator.share to handle success and failure scenarios. This allows for a smooth user experience and provides valuable feedback.


  1. Sharing Articles:
    Integrate the Web Share API in blog or news applications to allow users to effortlessly share interesting articles with their network.

  2. Product Sharing in E-Commerce:
    Enable users to share their favorite products directly from an e-commerce website, promoting products through word-of-mouth.

  3. Collaborative Projects:
    In collaborative platforms, users can quickly share project updates, documents, or links with team members for seamless communication.

  4. Event Invitations:
    Implement the Web Share API to allow users to invite friends to events by sharing event details and RSVP links.

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