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What's A Tough Concept You're (Re)Learning?

Welcome to Code Chatter, your go-to series for conversational coding insights. What makes this series of questions different from all the others? Well, truth be told, not much, but they're still thought-provoking and fun. Join us as we explore the coding world, one witty question at a time.

Is there a coding-related topic that you've researched extensively but still find challenging to fully understand?

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jaloplo profile image
Jaime L贸pez

Implementing authentication processes is always a nightmare for me. I always have the standard diagram of the authentication process flow and looks simple and easy, but not when trying to add it to the application.

doritomunchies profile image
Roberts Suns

Yes, learning oAuth makes my brain overheat too.

doritomunchies profile image
Roberts Suns

I can never recall how to use Regular Expressions correctly, ever. I've probably googled about it a hundred times or more! However, it's an easy-to-understand topic, just hard and confusing enough to commit to memory. For a challenging topic, I'd say concurrency, because there are many things that seem to mean the same thing but they're different. Additionally, they mean different things to different people so reading different articles just adds to the confusion. Also, it's a concept that's hard to grasp unless there are visuals denoting time and tasks. If you ask me what are the differences between concurrency, parallelism, multithreading, asynchronous, and threading, I'd be stumped, or at the very best, extremely unconfident in my answers.

sethcalebweeks profile image
Caleb Weeks

As a self taught programmer, I was never immersed in the OOP ways. I got into FP from pretty early on, and while I am glad to have learned FP without imperative baggage, I am just starting to see the value in OOP approaches for certain problems. (Don't get me wrong, I'm still an FP fanboy...)

lexiebkm profile image
Alexander B.K.

I think, Design Pattern will be the next toughest concept to learn, esp when learning from the book by the Gang of Four. The topics themselves are really tough; the example code using C++ making the learning even harder. So, I will postpone my plan of learning it.

wraith profile image
Jake Lundberg

Docker and Kubernetes. I feel like every time I work with it, I have to relearn it 馃槥

alanmbarr profile image
Alan Barr

Domain driven design. It's not a full list of what you need to do. Pick three and try it out.

omicreativedev profile image

Docker & Kubernetes >_<

villelmo profile image
William Torrez

Machine learning, big data is a complex topic.

ksolomon profile image
Keith Solomon

React. I鈥檝e tried numerous times, but I never 鈥済ot鈥 it鈥opefully this time it sticks鈥

kamo333 profile image

OOP concepts