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Haikus for Coding? Wax Poetic!

Welcome to Code Chatter, your go-to series for conversational coding insights. What makes this series of questions different from all the others? Well, truth be told, not much, but they're still thought-provoking and fun. Join us as we explore the coding world, one witty question at a time.

If you were to write a coding-themed haiku, what would it say?

Bugs crawl in the code,
Silent errors, deep they hide,
Debugging, I seek.

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Ben Halpern

Eyes scan each bright line
Logic tangled, where's the bug?
Breakpoint whispers clues

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Alvaro Montoro

I posted some a while back (be ready for some vogon poetry):

Other users shared their own poems in the comments.

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Ralph Hightower

I used ChatGPT to create pitfalls experienced by software developers. I was working on a team project where new features were added to the web application without a corresponding time slip as "problems".

10 Unexpected Challenges Software Developers Face in Their Careers / by Arslan Mirza / Medium / Level Up Coding

"RalphHightower" / ChatGPT
"Good morning, Assistant."
Good morning! How can I assist you today?
"I am reading an article about ten challenges to software development, and the challenges echoed with me : β€œBut That’s Not in the Requirements!” β€” Shifting Goalposts and β€œCan We Add Just One More Thing?” β€” The Feature Creep Phenomenon. Those two challenges were the reason why the project failed. I compare those two problems to "Trying to nail Jello to a wall. Could you create five haiku verses about software development challenges, include references to those three challenges?"
Certainly! Here are five haiku verses about software development challenges, incorporating references to the challenges of "But That's Not in the Requirements!", "Can We Add Just One More Thing?", and "Trying to Nail Jello to a Wall":
Ever-shifting goals,
Jello eludes the nail's touch,
Requirements dance.
Feature list expands,
Creeping vines devour scope,
Chaos in its wake.
Jello's slippery,
Hidden needs breed confusion,
Goalposts on the move.
Whispers of one more,
Siren calls disrupt the flow,
Focus fades away.
Software's canvas,
Jello molded, warped, and stretched,
Tame the shifting beast.
I hope these haiku verses capture the essence of the challenges you mentioned in an artistic manner!
"Thank you. Those haiku represent the developer's challenges."
You're welcome! I'm glad the haiku resonated with the challenges faced by developers. Software development can indeed be a complex and ever-evolving process, filled with various obstacles along the way. If you have any more questions or if there's anything else I can assist you with, please feel free to let me know.
Cheers! If you have any more questions in the future, don't hesitate to ask. Have a great day!
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Tai Kedzierski • Edited

Staying closer to original tradition, a nature reference is included. 🐦

The last line is writ
The compiler cedes at last.
Birds welcome the dawn.
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Tai Kedzierski

Throw down the gauntlet for a sonnet next.

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raddevus • Edited

What do users want?
Business Analyst shrugs,
"Just write the code, Dev"

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Tai Kedzierski staff clearly been hanging out with Yoda with that haiku.