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It's Not Me, Is It?

Welcome to Code Chatter, your go-to series for conversational coding insights. What makes this series of questions different from all the others? Well, truth be told, not much, but they're still thought-provoking and fun. Join us as we explore the coding world, one witty question at a time.

What would someone with a less favorable opinion of you say about your coding abilities, and why?

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Retiago Drago
  1. Anything bad that we know deep down whether is true or not
  2. It comes from our negative inner voice inside our head that knows our experience as a whole
  3. Why? Because number 2
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Daniel Einars • Edited

That I'm too dogmatic. It's either my way of the highway.

I hate arrow functions for anything that requires more than 2 lines of logic. I don't want to have to read 3 lines of code to be able to see if a const resolved to a computed value or if it's a function I can call later.

I will die on this hill and in ready to admit this.

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That my way of doing stuff have to much unneeded complexity.

Why? They probably didn’t experienced the problems that I’m trying to solve or have a different opinion on how to solve that problem which is much more reasonable then the first.

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i pity the fool that criticises me !!!!
and like all fools they must take a number RSVP and make an appointment. The cue is long and I get busy.