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What Do You Wish People Asked?

Welcome to Code Chatter, your go-to series for conversational coding insights. What makes this series of questions different from all the others? Well, truth be told, not much, but they're still thought-provoking and fun. Join us as we explore the coding world, one witty question at a time.

Is there something specific you wish people would ask or discuss with you more often regarding coding?

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Not a serious question at all for me but I do enjoy casual conversation about programming languages in general. So a fun question for me that I wish was asked more is what are your favorite languages? I've dabbled with a lot of languages and my favorites are red, forth, and smalltalk (and my own languages lol) but when I ask others they usually say C# - mostly because that's what they have experience in.

So what are your favorites?

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raddevus • Edited

You are correct, most people state their favorite because it is what they've worked with.
I've actually used, C, C++, C#, VisualBasic 4&5, JavaScript, PERL, Python, Rust, Kotlin, Swift to produce actual programs -- large and small.
However, my favorites are C#, Swift and Kotlin.

I like them because:

  1. they have nice c-like syntax.
  2. provide functional programming where I need it but still support OOP
  3. Are actually easier than their predecessors for creating a product :
    • a) C# is much easier than C++
    • b) Kotlin really cleans up Java syntax and makes a lot of things easier (and is similar to Swift)
    • c) Swift is far easier than ObjectiveC --- I would've went nuts learning ObjectiveC -- ugh.

Because most devs are stuck on what they know, it is important to ask "why?" their favorite is their favorite also. Interesting discussion.

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Griff Polk

What is your favorite thing to do? They assume its coding but in reality its graphic design. Like i love modern stuff like apple wallpapers lol

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Adam Crockett

Why donโ€™t we just ask things unfiltered because Iโ€™ve been doing this all this year it was always appreciated and I felt empowered

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Mike Stemle

Most often, I just wish people would take a deep breath, look up from the text editor, and ask themselves what their goal is and how their code will help to accomplish it.

There's an awful lot of code which was written for the joy of writing code, which is marvelous. Sometimes, though, code needs to solve a problem.

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Retiago Drago
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Great post!

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Johns Mels

Whatever, but should be creative.

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Fgo Jp Apk

Great post!