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Sloan's Inbox: Pursuing passion or practicality?

Hey y'all! Sloan, DEV Moderator and mascot. I'm back with another question submitted by a DEV community member. 🦥

For those unfamiliar with the series, this is another installment of Sloan's Inbox. You all send in your questions, I ask them on your behalf anonymously, and the community leaves comments to offer advice. Whether it's career development, office politics, industry trends, or improving technical skills, we cover all sorts of topics here. If you want to send in a question or talking point to be shared anonymously via Sloan, that'd be great; just scroll down to the bottom of the post for details on how.

Let's see what's up this week...

Today's question is:

I'm still early in my development career, but already not exactly loving the work I'm doing as a Junior Web Developer. Still, it's a steady job with good pay, my boss is nice and my teammates are cool! I feel like I'm learning more which always good, but I don't know if it's the stuff I want to learn. Part of my brain is saying you got into this world because of modding games, why aren't you trying be a game dev anymore? But, I just feel like making it as a game dev is a pipe dream and sticking with my current job is more practical. Any advice?

Share your thoughts and let's help a fellow DEV member out! Remember to keep kind and stay classy. 💚

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Rachel Fazio • Edited

Ah the age old question. My own personal TLDR is: go where you are called to. Do what is impractical if it is what makes you happy, as long as you feel like you are secure (financially, mentally, etc.) in doing so. I always think you should make the big jump if the circumstances feel right. Make mistakes!!! It will help you learn!!!

There is a lot of value in having a steady job alongside pursuing your passions. Balance baby! Quitting your day job can put a lot of pressure on your art to force it to be money-making, and sometimes keeping your passion as sacred is helpful for your creative brain......... So many back and forths, but I would take it as it comes. Protect your art.

That is all!