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Discussion of the Week - v5

In this weekly roundup, we highlight what we believe to be the most thoughtful, helpful, and/or interesting discussion over the past week! Though we are strong believers in healthy and respectful debate, we typically try to choose discussions that are positive in nature and avoid those that are overly contentious.

Any folks whose articles we feature here will be rewarded with our Discussion of the Week badge. ✨

The Discussion of the Week badge. It includes a roll of thread inside a speech bubble. The thread is a reference to comment threads.

Now that y'all understand the flow, let's go! πŸƒπŸ’¨

The Discussion of the Week

For this week, I'd like to highlight Juanda's (@juandadev) post "How I Got Fired From my Dream Job":

In this candid and relatable post, Juanda recounts his recent experience of being laid off, walking us through the surrounding events and his reaction to it all. Despite the shock and disappointment that comes with losing his "dream job", Juanda's resilience and positivity really shine through in this post. He talks about the importance of continuously learning & honing skills, mentioning his own plans to start up #30DaysOfCode with Node.js.

But, one of the coolest things about this post is how awesome folks have been in the comments section! So many of you hopped in with words of wisdom, encouragement, and sympathy.

One of my favorite bits of advice comes from @donetmathew here:

Fall in love with your work but never with your organization. You are just a resource for them and can be replaced anytime. Wishing you the best

Also, gotta shout out @syxaxis for this kind and insightful response:

NO! You were not fired, your skillset was simply no longer needed by that company. You didn't make any mistakes, you didn't damage or steal, your skillset is just not needed anymore, not you personally.

Never, ever take it personal, that's the worst thing to do. A redundancy is simply that your skillset is no longer required and unfortunately there is no longer a position that requires your skills. It's not about you, it's about their business.

Just remember that somewhere out there right now there are dozens if not hundreds of jobs being set up right now, one of which you will ace the interview and get, when you accept that fact it's just nowhere near as bad as it seems.

Stay lucky!

Head on over to the comments and just take a look through them for a bit. There is so much supportiveness and kindness here. Thank y'all for bringing the love! πŸ’š

What are your picks?

The DEV Community is particularly special because of the kind, thoughtful, helpful, and entertaining discussions happening between community members. As such, we want to encourage folks to participate in discussions and reward those who are initiating or taking part in conversations across the community. After all, a community is made possible by the people interacting inside it.

There are loads of great discussions floating about in this community. This is just the one we chose to highlight. πŸ™‚

I urge you all to share your favorite discussion of the past week below in the comments. And if you're up for it, give the author an @mention β€” it'll probably make 'em feel good. πŸ’š

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