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Discussion of the Week - v2

In this weekly roundup, we highlight what we believe to be the most thoughtful, helpful, and/or interesting discussion over the past week! Though we are strong believers in healthy and respectful debate, we typically try to choose discussions that are positive in nature and avoid those that are overly contentious.

Any folks whose articles we feature here will be rewarded with our Discussion of the Week badge. ✨

The Discussion of the Week badge. It includes a roll of thread inside a speech bubble. The thread is a reference to comment threads.

Now that y'all understand the flow, let's go! 🏃💨

The Discussion of the Week

This week's pick goes to Keit (@k8adev) for sharing the enlightening discussion "Tech Events are NOT as cool as you think (from an organizer perspective)":

Many of us in this community are familiar with tech events — developer conferences and meetups... we go, we mingle, we see the talks, eat the snacks, browse the booths and collect way more swag than we ever needed. And, speaking for myself, I generally have a really good time at these events! It gives me a chance to step away from the screen and connect with other tech folks in the real-world. But rarely do I think about the people behind the scenes making these events work.

Keit's post reveals what it's like to put together these events from the organizer's perspective — just how much planning, prep time, and financial costs go into executing a successful event. It's easy to take for granted all the hard work that these organizers do to put on a good show... and they do a lot!

It was really heartening to see all the kind comments dropped in response to this post. Clearly, Keit's perspective opened many of our eyes to the difficulties organizers face, and lots of y'all hopped in to share your appreciation for these challenges and for the excellent conferences that organizers have put together. Notably, quite a few fellow organizers hopped in to concur and share their own accounts of organizing events. Appreciate all the positive vibes in this comment thread. 😀

Thanks for pulling back the curtain and showing us what it's like to run a tech event like this, Keit! Organizing events is no easy task, but it's important to and much appreciated by us folks that attend.

What are your picks?

The DEV Community is particularly special because of the kind, thoughtful, helpful, and entertaining discussions happening between community members. As such, we want to encourage folks to participate in discussions and reward those who are initiating or taking part in conversations across the community. After all, a community is made possible by the people interacting inside it.

There are loads of great discussions floating about in this community. This just the one we chose to highlight. 🙂

I urge you all to share your favorite discussion of the past week below in the comments. And if you're up for it, give the author an @mention — it'll probably make 'em feel good. 💚

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