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Is AI the Biggest Threat to Programming Jobs?

πŸŽ€πŸ”Š Hey all tech enthusiasts, it's time to rumble in the digital jungle! In one corner, we've got bold and controversial tech statements, ready to assert their dominance. And in the other corner, we've got you, the fearless challengers, set to prove 'em wrong! Get ready to rumble as we dive into debates, challenge the status quo, and wrestle with some of the biggest questions in tech!

Prove me wrong: In the future, AI will replace most programming jobs.

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Anders Persson

I read that AI today makes wrong answers to code questions i 57%. So i tested to ask it to write a python code that use +-/* on 2 number, eg 1+1.
AI solve it by importing numpy,(big library ) wrote a class with 4 functions.
When a human developer would know that +-/* is built in.
This many be better but i think there will be a lot of code like this, with bad performance.
But as a tool for a programmer it works and a human with coding skill to manage quality sure.

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I hope not !!! the last time I checked and I saw somewhere out the concerns of fake news and ---"culturization"---I'm coining my own term.
an interview on Al Jazeera ;Yuval Noah Harari making concerns about fake recreations of stories and cultures, made by A.I. he made a comment about how our lives are built on legends and fairy tales and those are stories that make up humanity. imagine when those get diluted by fake legends and stories made by A.I. what is the future of our children gonna be like if they are gonna be cultured by such stories.
Imagie a remix on the stories of the bible.

I think there is gonna be a lot of reigning down and locking down on A.I.

I also saw on the news as well i think its BBC. they showed multiple times how there is YouTube videos making videos aimed at primary school kids about pyramids that are not the status quo. but then the status quo is also a weird "truth".
You tube guys say the pyramids are electricity generators and the schools say they are tombs...both these stories are not easily proveable. but i rather lean on the electricity generator.

We just have to wait for things to happen as they happen and eventually there will be rules.