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Is Isolation Key to Writing Perfect Code?

🎤🔊 Hey all tech enthusiasts, it's time to rumble in the digital jungle! In one corner, we've got bold and controversial tech statements, ready to assert their dominance. And in the other corner, we've got you, the fearless challengers, set to prove 'em wrong! Get ready to rumble as we dive into debates, challenge the status quo, and wrestle with some of the biggest questions in tech!

Prove me wrong: The best code is always written in isolation without interruptions.

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It depends. if you are writing JS you definetly can be in async mode. So you can take interruptions lol
Some languages I do not know, maybe synchronicity is the key lol

but hoody on and darkmode in a room with no lights also at night or very early in the morning. Around 4 oclock. While my body be is key. wink!!!
No interruptions. no music no other thoughts.
I need to be able to empty out my mind.
I need to zone out completely.!!! Definitely completely. I cannot be thinking about anything else.

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It might initially look like the best code, but it probably isn't. I think having someone else look over your code is still important.

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William Torrez

Exactly, two person can't write a nice code. Is an individual task.