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Can Top Devs Excel without Google Searches?

🎤🔊 Hey all tech enthusiasts, it's time to rumble in the digital jungle! In one corner, we've got bold and controversial tech statements, ready to assert their dominance. And in the other corner, we've got you, the fearless challengers, set to prove 'em wrong! Get ready to rumble as we dive into debates, challenge the status quo, and wrestle with some of the biggest questions in tech!

Prove me wrong: The best developers are those who can write code without relying on Google.

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Rachel Lawson

I feel like this is technically true, but the wording is a little weird. I'm a beginner and Google quite a bit. Presumably, when I have more practice and experience, I will have to Google less and less. I would think the best developers can write code without relying on Google because they have a lot of practice solving similar types of problems, and they may have gotten to that place by Googling! So to say "the best developers are those who can write code without relying on Google" makes it sound like you shouldn't use Google if you want to be the best, and I don't agree with that. Like I said, I am still a beginner, but Google is a tool, and I think a good developer uses the tools available to them whenever they come in handy!

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Nicholas Stimpson

When I started my dev career, there was no Google, nor in fact any World Wide Web at all. Nor for that matter for most of that period did I have any developer colleagues I could ask for assistance. All I had to go on was a few books and manuals, and my wits. I survived.

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But how complex or rather how evolved was coding then ?!
How many languages did you have to learn ?!
How many frameworks were available then?!

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Nicholas Stimpson

I used about 5 or 6 different languages during that period, depending on whether you count assemblers for processors with different instruction sets as different languages or not. Coding was plenty evolved, I don't consider what I do today substantially different in the level of mental agility required than what I did then. There were certainly fewer frameworks, but how many frameworks do you really need to know? There's only a couple I use with any regularity.

Of course, when I learn a new one now I use Google among my toolset to do so because it's there, but I don't think I'd be lost without it.

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Clayton Malarkey

thats a good idea using google sheets and google docs to put your data on the web and share and colaborate through them to build apps and what not