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Level 4, Schmeltool (Coslpore3D Pt:15)


This is a series following Cosplore3D, a raycaster game to learn 3D graphics. This project is part of 12 Months 12 Projects, a challenge I set myself. We've been doing a lot of level development recently so I though why not just create the last level?

Using The Level Editor

After creating an image for Schmeltool walls, I put together what I though would be an alright level design.

Schmeltool in the editor

Since this is the last level I tried to add quite a few enemies, along with quite a bit of ammo to compensate. We're using the trash crawlers that we made previously as enemies.
Here's what it looks like in 3D

Schmeltool in 3D

There's quite a big room at the bottom, this is where the player will fight the final boss, so I made sure there was plenty of room for that.

Getting To Schmeltool

To get to Schmeltool from Enikoko, we need to create a new Progressor that will take us to that level. Here is the little bit of code we had to add this new Progressor.

case 22: // Progressor (Has Cosmium)
    code = 0
    progressors = append(progressors, Progressor{
        tileSize * (float64(col)),
        tileSize * (float64(row)),
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That little bit of extra code has made the chain of Ankaran, The Cosplrer, Enikoko, and Schmeltool complete.


Obviously, for me the game isn't that hard. I know where every ammo item and enemy is, so nothing is a surprise. However, there are a few visual things I would like to fix.


We will be making a few visual additions to make the game play nicer and make more sense, such as seeing the items in your inventory. Little changes like this that I think are core to making the game seem playable (because although it is currently playable, it looks like a prototype).

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