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All The Enemies (Cosplore3D Pt:13)


This is a series following Cosplore3D, a raycaster game to learn 3D graphics. This project is part of 12 Months 12 Projects, a challenge I set myself. In the last post we created The Cosplorer, which was effectively level 2 of this game. Everything works fine, except all the enemies look the same, so we're going to be fixing that by creating a bunch of new sprites.

All Planned Enemies

Before we start making sprites we need to know what we're making. Luckily, we wrote down the lore of the game before we started. Here is the list of all enemies that I wrote down in the lore.

  1. Blob - Ankaran
  2. Infected Crewmate - The Cosplorer
  3. Enikoko Boss Fight
  4. Trash Crawler - Schmeltool
  5. Trash Crawler Champion (Boss) - Schmeltool

Very nice, we have 5 enemies we have to implement, and we've already done one of them. 2 of these enemies are bosses, we won't make them today as I'll probably dedicate a post to them, which hopefully makes them better. Other than that, all we have to do is create sprites for the infected crewmates, and the trash crawlers.

Infected Crewmate

This is similar to those zombies in DOOM, and here is how they look in game.

An infected crewmate on Ankaran

These crewmates will be for The Cosplorer level.

Trash Crawlers

These enemies should be fast I feel, and they should look it, so more legs, more speed.

A trash crawler on Ankaran

Look at that little guy, and he's fast as well, perfect.


Quite a short one, mostly because I find it hard to do art, however, this means that could start working on Schmeltool, plus, The Cosplorer, looks like a good map, since the enemies actually make sense now. In the lore, the player places the Cosmium in the reactor, then lands on a Enikoko. In this way, the player should be able to progress to the next level after placing the Cosmium they got from the last level into the reactor (which is at the back of The Cosplorer), then go back to navigation (spawn).

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