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Creating a Storyline (Cosplore3D Pt:3)


This is a new series following Cosplore3D, a raycaster game to learn 3D graphics. This project is part of 12 Months 12 Projects, a challenge I set myself.


The next few headings with text are directly from the markdown file I made which can be found on the GitHub. Yes, the planet names are English words chucked into Google translate until they sound like they could be a planet (my favorite way to get new words). I know that sounds like a stupid way to name planets, but I like thinking that someone that speaks the language that I took it from would find it funny while playing the game.


Various planets, various spaceships.

Main Story - Planet One: Ankaran

You've crash landed on a hostile planet. Although this sounds unoriginal, this is a month project so bare with me. The player finds themselves in a barren planet, orange planet. There's not much here except small creatures. As the player gets closer, his perspective shows that these creatures are bigger than he thought, and are coming towards him. Luckily, he has his gun from the ship, usually used for hunting, but now it's for survival.
He defends himself, trying to hold his ground and keep the ship safe. Now, he needs a way off this planet, it's got nothing here for him. He checks the ships reactor, it's missing its energy source, cosmium. Luckily, his radar shows that there is cosmium on this planet, however, it's in a deep cave system. He starts exploring through (killing aliens along the way of course), and eventually finds the source. With cosmium in his grasp, he goes back to the ship to leave this place. He places the cosmium in the reactor and is able to leave the planet for good.

Main Story - Planet Two: Enikoko

The player is trying to get back to his home planet, and he's on course. Suddenly, he hears a sound from outside navigation, it's another crewmate, but they've been infected by whatever was on that last planet. The player quickly puts the crewmate out of their misery. The issue here is that this is only one of thousands of crewmates that were on this mission. The player realises that he can no longer head home with this ship, since it would be impossible to rid it of this infestation, while staying alive. The player finds a seemingly uninhabited planet on his nav, and sets course. He lands on the planet, and leaves the ship (after a bunch of fighting, otherwise there's no gameplay). It turns out he landed on quite a jungley section. It's very quiet. The player is able to scout out resources for a ship home. Now he's hit the same issue, he's out of cosmium. His radar is picking up that there is cosmium on the planet, however, it's the cosmium from the old ship. The player travels back to the ship, practically plowing through infested crewmates. He makes it to the reactor, and there's cosmium, more than enough to get home. On his way out he sees it, a large creature, probably the size of a small bus. It's keeping quite low, but he finally gets a good look at it, it's hideous. (This is a boss fight btw) The player defeats this beast, and has the cosmium on hand to take back to his ship. Now with another working ship, he is able to make it back home.

Main Story - Planet three: Schmeltool

The player is on his way back home. He gets home and his planet looks different. Before he can figure out what is going on, he is shot from his home planet, and is sent tumbling out in space. He ends up on a nearby planet, the trash heap of his planet. The natives of this planet don't like his kind for polluting their planet, and he is taken to a cage fight with their champion. (Boss 2 btw) The player defeats their champion, and the population is rightfully mad. He fights his way out of the city, making his way back to a life ship he spotted out in the distance. Life ships are like regular space ships, except instead of being built for travel, they are built to sustain life. He reaches the life ship and makes it back out to space, where he is safe away from any planet.

We're Done

Damn, that sucked for the player. I think this storyline gives plenty of opportunity for different art, different sounds, different enemies to fight, and a lot of things to do in a simple little game. Also, this story can easily be progressed, such as, maybe he tries to fight his way back onto his home planet?

Starting Work

Now that we have a storyline we need to work on implementing it, and the first thing I think about with this would be the art or the spaceships and planets. Just simple tiles for now, so that I have them ready.


Here we have our first piece of art for testing, which is the spaceship walls.

Spaceship Wall


There are so many different things I could work on it's hard to even say what would end up being next, however, one option is that I could start implementing some basic enemies, which will be part of planet one.

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