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Creating Fire Soundtracks (Cosplore Pt:23)


This is a series following Cosplore3D, a raycaster game to learn 3D graphics. This project is part of 12 Months 12 Projects, a challenge I set myself.
In this post we're going to make all the music for the game.


So I decided to leave Ankaran how it is, even though the music is terrible, I think it'll just be funny.
I don't think I have the link for the original Ankaran (thank goodness), so you'll only be able to listen to it on the file.

The Cosplorer

Now this one was an accident, BeepBox starts you off with a bunch of random instruments, and one of them just happened to have the perfect mood.
It can be found here.


Enikoko's theme is actually a modified version of one of my old project. I play guitar, and I made this acoustic riff and decided to translate it into BeepBox but with distortion, and that was the result. I made it longer, added another section, and put it into the game.
Soundtrack here.


This was another case of the right instruments at the right time. Sometimes I write terrible songs, and sometimes I get something that's decent enough to work, and this was decent enough to work.
Soundtrack here.

Songs Ain't Looping

A bug I started noticing was that the songs wouldn't loop once they had finished, which meant that the player was kind of left in silence. Turns out, I was doing an unnecessary nil check when the channel was meant to be nil... yeah, I don't get audio much but it works now so I'm happy.

In Future

I think Cosplorer has a goofy soundtrack along with Ankaran, so I would love to change both of those, but not right now, maybe if I go back into this project at some point.


Next is going to be the last actual feature of this project, which is kind of sad, and that is a second weapon. I think this is the perfect way to finish this project off. Maybe we could add an overpowered rocket launcher? Or maybe a gun that hits multiple targets, no idea, but we need to make switching between weapons work, and ultimately make it a playable experience.

One last thing, I'm going to be making an actual game, called CompNerdSim. Now that's cool and all, but I would love any input you might have to add for this game, any features you would like to see. I'm planning this project to be longer term than Cosplore3D, so I can get it all nicely done, but if you want this game to be playable, maybe suggest some features.

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