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2021 DevRel Salary Survey results - Table of Contents

The DevRel Salary Survey results are here from the Dev Rel Collective (DRC)! They are split into sections for convenience.

Data scientist Greg Sutcliffe was invaluable in preparing, dissecting and modeling. If you would like to help spread the word, please consider including our hashtag #devrelsalarysurvey


Key Findings I: DevRel Salaries by Country
Key Findings II: Fair Compensation
Key Findings III: DevRel Career Stages and Salaries
Key Findings IV: DevRel Job Titles and Salary
Key Findings V: DevRel Salaries and Gender
Key Findings VI: DevRel Salaries and Ethnicity
Key Findings VII: DevRel Salaries and Sexual Orientation
Key Findings VIII: DevRel Coders, DevRel Managers, and Salary

Conclusion and Takeaways

Appendix A: DevRel Salaries, Size of Company, and Trading Status
Appendix B: DevRel Salary Survey Questions

Greg Sutcliffe has been working in community management for a decade, and is currently the Principal Data Scientist for the Ansible Community. He's interested in how appropriate use of data can inform the development and governance of communities, especially with regards to open source projects. He also likes cooking.

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Mary Thengvall

👏👏 I'm SO glad to have this incredibly valuable information out here for the industry to benefit from! Thanks for all of the blood, sweat, and tears you poured into this, Jocelyn!

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