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Mary Thengvall

I am a connector of people at heart, personally and professionally. I love digging into the strategy of how to build and foster developer communities and have been doing so for 10+ years.


Director, Developer Relations at Camunda

What do you wish you knew about Developer Relations?

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Inclusion & Economic Efficiency Go Hand-in-Hand for Jen Gilbert, Tech Learning Manager at Lyft

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3 Ways to Foster a Learning Environment in Your Engineering Team

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Why is Creating a Learning Environment Essential for Technical Teams?

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Nylas Developer Event: Building Systems that Scale

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Nylas is Hiring a Senior Software Engineer

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Escaping the Guilt of the Never-Ending ToDo List

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Burnout: What Happens When You Take On Too Much

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Community Spotlight: Rise And Shine With This Alexa Skill

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The Sticking Power Of The SparkPost Flame

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Community Spotlight: How Topol Makes Creating Beautiful HTML Email Templates Easy

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