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DRC Survey: Appendix B - DevRel Salary Survey questions

2021 DevRel Salary Survey

(originally deployed as an Airtable form)

DevRel Salary Survey

The goal of this survey is to provide industry data about the standard salary ranges for DevRel professionals, from Technical Community Managers to Developer Advocates, Developer Experience Professionals, DevRel Managers, and everything in between.
It’s our goal to help individual contributors (non-managers) ensure that their salary is comparable for their geographic region and experience level, as well as assist hiring managers as they calculate appropriate budgets for headcount.

All of the information collected here will be anonymized, analyzed, and then shared in a manner which keeps your specific information private. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the DevRel Collective admin team at
Don’t overthink your answers. If you need to estimate, that’s fine!

What’s Your Base Salary? *
Please only include your gross annual salary in whole numbers – we’ll ask about the rest of your total compensation later.

What currency is your salary in? *
We pulled the top 30 currencies according to Please email if your currency is missing.

What country are you based in? *

Do you receive a bonus every year? *
Yes / No

Do you have RSUs (or something like them)? *
RSUs give an employee interest in company stock but they have no tangible value until vesting is complete. Upon vesting, they are considered income, and a portion of the shares is withheld to pay income taxes. (Investopedia)YesNo

Do you have stock options (or something like them)? *
Options are financial instruments that are derivatives based on the value of underlying securities such as stocks. An options contract offers the buyer the opportunity to buy or sell—depending on the type of contract they hold—the underlying asset. (Investopedia)
Yes / No

Do you own shares in the company (or something like them)?
Restricted shares are awarded outright, and their owner has the same rights and privileges as any shareholder. However, the shares may be vested, and the company may reserve the right to buy back unvested shares if the employee leaves the company. (Investopedia)
Yes / No

Is your company privately owned or publicly traded? *

How many employees does your company have? *
1-20 / 21-50 / 51-100 / 101-300 / 301-600 / 601-1,000 / 1,001-3,000 / 3,001-20,000 / 20,001+

How’s the cost of living in your area? *
Please evaluate based on your local state/province or country.
Low cost of living / Medium cost of living / High cost of living

Do you feel like you are fairly compensated for your job? *
Extremely Undercompensated / Somewhat Undercompensated / Mildly Undercompensated / Neutral–Fairly Compensated / Mildly Well Compensated / Somewhat Well Compensated / Extremely Well Compensated

What is your job title? *

Is coding required as a part of your role? *
Yes / No

Are you a people manager? *
Do you have the ability to hire and fire?
Yes / No

Are you responsible for strategic decisions? *
Yes / No

What level are you at in your career? *
Entry-level / Mid-level / Senior-level

What type of employee are you? *
Full time / Part time / Contractor / Volunteer

Is this an update to a job you’ve already reported in this salary survey? *
Yes / No / Unsure

How many years have you been at this company? *
If it’s a brand new job, please put 0.

How many years have you been in Developer Relations? *
We recognize DevRel is a relatively new title. Feel free to list how long you’ve been in DevRel-like positions.

What technical communities are you focused on in your current role? *
Please select all applicable options.
– DevOps
– Open Source
– Databases
– SaaS
– Cloud
– Security / SecOps
– Blockchain
– Healthcare
– Developer Tooling
– FinTech
– IoT
– Gig Economy
– Internal DevRel
– Embedded Systems
– Game Development
– Data Science
– Mobile
– Web

What is your closest major airport code? *
Be patient – this list takes a moment to load 😊

Are you required to have a presence at the office? *
(pre or post-COVID answers, please)
Remote / In-office / Occasional visits (e.g. monthly or quarterly)

How would you describe your ethnicity? *
US-centric, feel free to choose “prefer not to say” or choose as many as are applicable.
– American Indian / Alaska Native
– Black and/or African American
– Hispanic, Latinx, or Spanish Origin
– White
– Asian
– Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
– Middle Eastern or North AfricanAfrican
– Prefer not to say

What is your age range? *
Under 18 / 18-24 / 25-34 / 35-44 / 45-54 / 55-64 / 65+ Prefer not to say

How would you describe yourself?  *
– Female/Woman
– Male/Man
– Genderqueer or Gender non-conforming
– Non-binaryIntersex
– Prefer not to say
– Other (custom text)

Do you identify as transgender or genderqueer? *
Yes / No / Prefer not to say

What is your sexual orientation?*
– Lesbian
– Gay
– Bisexual
– Straight
– Queer
– Pansexual
– Asexual
– Prefer not to say


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Conclusion and Takeaways

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