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DRC Survey: Appendix A - Other plots (company size, trading status, and regional spread)

Other plots

Here’s a few other things we investigated that didn’t turn up much to learn from in the themes above, but might have some value to some readers:

Size of Company

As you can see, this plot is all over the place. If anything, it speaks to the value of finding the right role rather than optimizing for a particular company. There is a slight trend of higher compensation at larger companies, but we can also see that it’s possible to make a healthy living across many levels.

Public/Private Company

For the purposes of this report,”public” refers to companies which are publicly traded, making the result fairly unsurprising – bigger companies go to IPO; bigger companies pay slightly more; so that result shows up here too.

Top Five Airports

Many practitioners of DevRel are high-mileage travelers, making their “home base” airport a quality-of-life factor. Respondents answered the question “What is your closest major airport code?” as follows:

  1. SFO
  2. AUS and LHR (tie)
  3. SEA and JFK (tie)
  4. DEN, TXL and YYZ (tie)
  5. PDX, MSP, BER (tie) 

Given its proximity to Silicon Valley and status as an international airport, it’s unsurprising that SFO is the most-flown-from airport. After that, the results quickly filter across a wide geographic area.



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Conclusion and Takeaways

Appendix A: | Appendix B:

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