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Arttu Pyykönen
Arttu Pyykönen

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Day 41 of 100DaysOfCode


Today was the beginning of a new chapter in my coding life as I started learning React. One of my goals was to be able to make web apps using React. This way I can make something interesting, visual, and shareable.

What I did today:

1. Started React challenges on fCC

What I learned from it:

  • What React is
  • How it merges HTML and JavaScript with JSX
  • What is ReactDOM
  • Rendering elements to the DOM
  • All JSX tags must be closed

Time spent learning:

Task 'FCC'. Elapsed time: 50 min 21 s

Total time: 50 min 21 s

Time spent is tracked by my TaskTimer script and the WakaTime app.

Links and videos

If you want to learn React I recommend starting with the freeCodeCamp challenges mentioned above. After finishing them this video might be a good continuation.

Thank you and see you tomorrow!

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mayala_iv profile image

I've been learning React too! Keep up the spirit!!

arttupyykonen profile image
Arttu Pyykönen

Thanks. Good luck to you as well!