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Arttu Pyykönen
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Day 11 of 100DaysOfCode

Didn't have time to write everything down yesterday so today is a two for one special. I'll publish day 12 later today.

Decided to finish the ES6 exercises at FreeCodeCamp. They were fun little exercises and touched in my opinion a broad range of topics which I liked.

One thing I always mess up is the push method in JS. I have some background in Python and every time I want to append something in JS I just write array.append(item) and then wonder why it keeps giving errors. Hopefully, once I get more familiar with the syntax these mistakes become less prevalent.

As I like to say: Keep coding! You can do it! :)

What I did today:

1. ES6 challenges at FreeCodeCamp

What I learned from it:

  • Got introduced to const and Object.freeze()
  • Worked with arrow functions
  • Assigning default parameters and used rest parameter
  • Got introduced to deconstructing and template literals
  • Familiarized myself with classes
  • Got introduced to modules, import, and export
  • Got introduced to JS promises

Time spent learning:

Task 'FCC'. Elapsed time: 2 h 2 min 11 s

Total time: 2 h 2 min

Tracked by using my TaskTimer script and the WakaTime app

Further reading


Check out FCC for the best interactive exercises! I have finished the Basic JavaScript and ES6 lessons and can recommend them for a beginner! You can read more about the Basic JS from the post "Day 8".

Eloquent JavaScript book


You can check my answers to the exercises of Eloquent JavaScript. You'll find them here.

That's it for today! See you tomorrow!

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