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Day 2 of 100DaysOfCode

Arttu Pyykönen
Engineering student. Trying to better myself everyday. I believe the best way to learn is by teaching.
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Started the day by getting more familiar with GitHub and downloaded the GitHub desktop app. Learned about GitHub Pages and how to host a website using it. After it was done, did some more basic JavaScript at FreeCodeCamp.

Realized that today I just doubled my coding streak! ;)

I feel great for starting this challenge and hope it will last for a long time.

What I did today:

1. GitHub Pages Learning Lab

What I learned from it:

  • Got more familiar with the GitHub Flow
  • Enabled GitHub Pages
  • Selected a theme using the config file
  • Learned about proper directory format and file naming conventions in Jekyll
  • Added and modified Jekyll front matter

2. Basic JavaScript at FreeCodeCamp

What I learned from it:

  • Difference with objects and arrays
  • Accessing properties of objects using dot and bracket notation
  • Updating property values

Time spent learning:

Task 'Learning GitHub and GH Pages'. Elapsed time: 61 min 30 s
Task 'JavaScript on FCC'. Elapsed time: 35 min 2 s

Total Time: 1h 36min 32s

Tracked by using my TaskTimer script.

Hope you enjoyed my second post. See you all tomorrow!

Discussion (2)

mpfdev profile image

Nice! Keep going, one day at a time.

arttupyykonen profile image
Arttu Pyykönen Author

Thanks for the encouragement!