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Arttu Pyykönen
Arttu Pyykönen

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Day 30 of 100DaysOfCode

Today I started reading chapter 8 of Eloquent JavaScript and also started the functional programming challenges at freeCodeCamp.

Functional programming sounds cool and gives another perspective to programming.

Below you can read what are the main characteristics of functional programming written by freeCodeCamp:

"Functional programming is about:

1) Isolated functions - there is no dependence on the state of the program, which includes global variables that are subject to change

2) Pure functions - the same input always gives the same output

3) Functions with limited side effects - any changes, or mutations, to the state of the program outside the function are carefully controlled " Link to original source.

What I did today:

1. Started reading Bugs and Errors - Chapter 8 of EJS

What I learned from it:

  • Debugging concepts
  • Strict mode
  • Testing
  • Exceptions

2. Functional Programming Challenges at freeCodeCamp

What I learned from it:

  • Callbacks
  • Higher-order functions
  • First-class functions
  • Difference with Imperative and Declarative code
  • Mutations and side effects

Time spent learning:

Task 'Reading_EJS'. Elapsed time: 0 h 50 min 28 s
Task 'FCC'. Elapsed time: 0 h 46 min 8 s

Total time: 1 h 36 min 36 s

Time spent is tracked by my TaskTimer script and the WakaTime app.

Links and videos

I wanted to learn more about functional programming and found this awesome video.

For those who read yesterday's post and are looking for another laugh, you can check out this upgraded version of the Jombo video!

Thank you for reading! See you tomorrow!

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