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What's wrong Forem/DEV? #4

I didn't point that out earlier 😅...

But now I did. Issue:

When I load into my own profile, it would first show a follow button although it was just a split second. When I clicked on it, it would turn grey as if I had followed myself!



Affects on usage:


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JoelBonetR 🥇

Ad it is built as PWA I'd say it's either cache or default state, then it probably checks that it's effectively you and mods the UI accordingly.

There are backend checks that deal to dead paths to avoid both weird data into the DB and runtime errors so won't mind much.

I'll not be able to use a PC for some days (out of home) but maybe you can open the network tab in Chrome's DevTools with the recording ON and see what kind of request -if any- does it perform in that situation and what's the response if you're curious about getting more details on the approach; to see if the endpoint is stand-alone and throwing an error plus the client ignoring what could allegedly be a misbehaviour or if it's the endpoint the one ignoring it.

Another option is the client setting the request in queue and validating it after getting the required server information, in which case no request should be performed at all.

Best regards

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Thanks ✅