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[RESOLVED] What's wrong Forem/DEV? #2

There's a problem... 🤔

This comes with the newly released Forem app for android which I am currently using. When the link goes too far out, the whole content moves to the left...

It's fine though

as it does not affect the quality of the app usage. Just something for the Forem team to work on if they are free... or maybe the app might crash after fixing the feature, so, just wanna point this out.



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Andrew Bone

Truncation long text on profile screen #18038

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When a string becomes too long for the screen truncate it with ellipse rather than breaking the site

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Before: Before truncation

After: after truncation

UI accessibility concerns?


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encanto bruno with bucket on head

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Did you just did the PR right after I posted this? Wow. And thanks too :)

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Andrew Bone

Yep, I saw your post and thought, "I can do something about that!" 😅