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Senior Web Developer- Intermediate Grade on Computer Systems- High Grade on Web Application Development- Coursed a non-official MBA with Marketing and HHRR


Higher Level Education Certificate on Web Application Development


Senior Full Stack Developer

Just bought a new laptop for coding!

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2 min read

What do you expect from a job offer?

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Development Cheat Sheet -> Hack your Learning Curve

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All you need to know about CI/CD as Web Developer (DevOps)

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Building a Flex Layout from scratch to Fit All Projects

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Software Development for newbies, a guide to success

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What about code linting?

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CSS Best Practices and Advice for beginners

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Building CSS Only interactive components from scratch - Part III (tabs)

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Building CSS Only interactive components from scratch - Part II (accordion/collapsible)

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Easy way to show/hide password for javascript beginners.

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Building CSS only interactive components from scratch - Part I (modal window)

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DEV Hardware - Discussion and Experience sharing

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Level 1 Continuous Integration script

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Simplifying docker execution on DEV time!

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