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We've all been there

Not submitting things on time, Stressing out on the amount of work that need to be done, and our personal lives with our Code. Forgor stuff 💀. It seems impossible to just fix, all of them. Procrastination, Poor time management, and many more. And, the fun part about this is that I agree with you. Nobody is perfect and there are times that you feel like methods to stop poor management and trying to motivate yourself seem futile 😔.

Don't get me wrong,

I'm writing this as a person with wacky, real bad management. I am however, improving on this as the day go by. And I do that by trying to make myself motivated, and watching many motivation videos in the process (lol) . The method's I'm gonna list down has definitely improved my management, and that's awesome! Give them a try (if you haven't already), and hope it helps!

1. Create a to-do list.

Microsoft literarily created To-Do app to manage your stuff, but I mean, regular pen and paper would work just as well. Now, let's say you are creating a timetable with A times for each activity you are gonna do for the day.

WRONG. That's not how you should go about doing your to-do list! A to-do list is an extremely vague sort of timetable, where there are no times!

Let's say that you want to do update your website, play a game, and finish your paper work. Well, Pen them down on a notebook and refer to it whenever you feel like you should. Just don't put times on them! That's because of a fundamental flaw with timetables.

We can't predict what's gonna happen in our lives!

more so if you are doing a strict timetable that would dictate your day. So if you want the minimal way of finishing a task and at the same time having to relax at your own pace, well, just create a to-do list! We can't control external factors such as people messaging or calling us, the weather and whether a meteor wipes out earth this very second.

In conclusion, the to-do list is a strict but good way of knowing what to do in each day, keeping to it, and is not going to be affected by unknowns that much rather than a timetable.

2. Wash Your Face and Rest!

Okay, this is not the most practical advice out there, especially if you are used to not having naps in the afternoon and don't feel tired, but if you ARE tired, well, rest your head on the table and take a rest.

Stressing your body too much would make you, well very tired. So your productivity levels decrease and you would feel very grumpy. We need adequate rest to feel more refreshed.

On the topic of being fresh, wash your face. Whether it is chilly outside, or it is blistering hot (which I can relate to), Putting room-temperature water on your face can help a ton! If it is hot, the water will evaporate and leave a cooling effect, if it is cold, your face will gain heat from the warm water.

And, we can't forget sleep! These past few days I've been writing a lot of dev posts because I am excited, missing out on a ton of sleep. Sometimes, I'm sleepy at ten but I would refuse to sleep because I have work to do and I usually sleep at 11. So, I ignored my really tired body and sometimes I am so sleepy that I would fall asleep right when I touch the bed (often having no energy to do my night time routine). We should aim to touchdown bed at about nine, especially if you did not have a nap.

So, yep, rest is important.

3. Have some fun while working!

Although a lot of us do this already, but I feel the importance to stress this once more. Doing your homework as a kid, reading the company stats or even cleaning the house. Boring, repetitive and even downright horrible tasks we have to do to keep the world moving. Why not bring some Joy while DOING it?

Why not...

  1. Listen to podcasts on while you are coding a new VSCode feature
  2. Listen to your favorite songs on Spotify while you're studing.
  3. Or maybe read stocks on your phone while jogging in the park?

Good to you? Yeah! Don't reward yourself after doing a task, just make the task more enjoyable, which would perhaps lower your urge for a reward. However, if you really feel like resting separately, you may use the 4 : 1 ratio of work and test, which I explained more in the third post in this series "I'll do it later..."

And, that's it for now!

Do leave suggestions an I'll update this accordingly!

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