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I sat for a test...

Let's discuss the types

and criticize them lol. Yes, tests feel unfair and useless sometimes. Such as a biology, physics and chemistry test for a computer science course in a school of your choice, which rarely needs Math and Science! Do note that this is a perspective of a student.

1. Beginner tests

Lvl 1. Quizzes and small tests

These are extremely easy but people constantly test you, especially in a school basis, so it is a little easy to forget that you have them due to our busy lives. But when not done often and does not affect your life, it can be fun and intriguing, often clarifying things you don't know and be proud of those that you do.

This is the most easiest but yet one of the most constant exams you would ever face when it comes to work or school.

Lvl 2. Small exams done monthly or termly

These type of exams are usually graded, as in it would affect your job or school posting. But they don't really matter that much as it's purpose is still to refresh your mind and give you a reminder to buck up if you are not good.

However, since they are graded, you often feel a sense of anxiety when it comes to this, often preparing more than type #1.

Lvl 3. The Learning summary

These exams often come yearly and it would summarize what you have learnt for that year and refresh your memory on the previous year's topics. These usually have a higher weightage and you would probably stress out a bit on them. Although the year has gone by so fast, you are to remember all that has happened in that year!

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg on how hard exams get. This is just what an elementary school student would face and would feel that it is the hardest thing in the world.

2. Life-changing tests

Lvl 4. Selection tests

These are one of the most life-changing tests a person will face in their lives, most of the time not knowing what would happen. And I've already sat for one, and I'm having another one in a few months time.

They would probably ask you to go to another venue to sit for the test rather than the places you know. They are very challenging, has limited time and most probably if you are sitting for a selection test for the first time, nerve wrecking and stressful. During the test.

Lvl 5. Interview... tests?

Yep. There are tests that is not pen and paper, but for programming, these types of test are common. Firstly, the company you want to work in would arrange a meeting on their company's video conferencing app (lol), and then there would be a word document, and you write out answers to questions the interviewer asks. They don't ask like "How much working experience do you have?" But instead ask something like this: "If a = 10 and b = 100, what is the sin or a divided by b?"

So, this is even more nerve wrecking, as there is a live person to monitor you. Now, the tests I'm gonna list are only gonna be related to a mental battle and not the difficulty of the test.

3. Mental battles

“The only person stopping you from doing something is yourself, and looking for excuses all the time just gets in the way of obtaining your own goals. It’s like the writer who keeps getting up and straightening the pictures in the room.”
— Chrissie Hynde

Lvl 6. Going up on stage

Yep. Unless you are born with no fears, you have definitely, no matter if you are a natural speaker or musician on stage now, have a period of time when you are scared.

This mental test is one where if you failed, you would look back to that day forever, and even if you succeed, would be too nervous to know it. It is a great testimony to how much you have grown as a person, and your will to change the world by speaking to an audience.

Lvl 7. Stress, Anxiety and Whatnot

Honestly the biggest challenge ever faced. You might have a big project that you did not even start on but is due in five hours, and realized it was your mistake that you are gonna fail.

Although I would not elaborate too much of this, but honestly, although the problem might not be a big deal, you would feel that you are fainting.

So, how's life's challenges?

Share with me. No matter what you are going through, you have to always remember that you have a shoulder to cry on, no matter if it is your parent's, fiancé's, children's or your desk. Stay strong everyone!

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