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Applications I Use Everyday

With only 24 hours in a day, staying productive in a digital world is essential. Doing so can be hard without the proper tools and knowledge. Here is a list of applications I use that make my life more pleasant and easy:

Libby book covers

This is my favorite reading app that lets you access ebooks, audiobooks, etc. from your public library for free. I am able to listen to audiobooks while doing other tasks or during a commute.

Soothing Pod
This meditation app is 100% free, does not include any ads nor limits content through subscriptions. Meditation every morning or afternoon allows me to calm my mind and refocus on the tasks that need to get finished.

Soothing Pod Screenshots

This little app downloads on your phone, plants real trees, tracks your to-do lists with time spent, and makes you stay off your phone during work hours. In addition, I put my phone on a specific focus mode when I have Flora running to help with the unnecessary notifications.

Flora lightbulb

Every work session needs some upbeat songs or relaxing music to go along with it. What else helps you get through all the debugging and documentation you have to read and write?

Having a board for each side project I have currently in progress is a life-saver! This way I can always go back and add new features or changes as new ideas come to mind. It is also satisfying moving a task from "in progress" to "done".

Currently, I like the Simple Project Board template. I also like the idea of the Productivity Template and the Productivity Workflow Template.

This note taking app is one I recently discovered and want to add to my list of applications. I found other users saying it is one of their most valuable tools.

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