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Prototype to Prod: Any model, any modality πŸ”₯


AIConfig is an open-source platform to go from prototype to production with any model, any modality.

Start with your prompts in - AIConfig Editor, a locally hosted AI playground.

Prompts save to an aiconfig.json that you can use in code with ''prompt_1')'.

Open AIConfig editor when you want to edit and visually see outputs for your prompts.


  • Editor for Prompts: Prototype and quickly iterate on your prompts and model settings with AIConfig Editor - local playground.
  • Model-agnostic and multimodal SDK: Python & Node SDKs to use aiconfig in your application code. AIConfig is designed to be model-agnostic and multi-modal, so you can extend it to work with any generative AI model, including text, image and audio.
  • Prompts as Configs: standardized JSON format to store prompts and model settings in source control.
  • Bring your own model: Extend AIConfig to work with any model and your own endpoints.
  • Collaborative Development: AIConfig enables different people to work on prompts and app development, and collaborate together by sharing the aiconfig artifact.

Get Started in Seconds!

  1. Star our repo on Github:
  2. pip3 install python-aiconfig
  3. export OPENAI_API_KEY= 'your-key-here'
  4. aiconfig edit

Launches AI Playground for you! Make sure that you specify your API keys for model providers (e.g. OpenAI, HuggingFace, Anyscale) as env variables.

Bring your own self-hosted/fine tuned model by writing a model parser so editor can support it!

Join our Discord to give us feedback and chat with us:

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