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Multimodal Chaining: GPT4 with ElevenLabs 🔊

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Multimodal chaining, the process of chaining AI models of different modalities, is a powerful tool for developers. However, it can also be a complex and challenging task. The need to switch between different models, manage their parameters, and ensure they work seamlessly together can be a daunting task. This complexity can hinder the creative process, slowing down the development of your AI applications.

Enter AI Workbooks, an open-source platform designed to simplify this process. And now, we're excited to announce the addition of ElevenLabs Multilingual V2 to the models you can use with AI Workbooks!

ElevenLabs: Text-to-Speech AI

ElevenLabs Multilingual V2 is one of the most advanced text-to-speech AI solutions available today. It can recognize nearly 30 written languages and translate them into speech. The generated speech retains the speaker's unique vocal identity and accent across all languages, ensuring a consistent and authentic user experience for your application.

AI Workbooks: Your AI Development Platform

AI Workbooks is a multi-modal platform for developers to experiment with generative AI models before going to production. It provides a centralized environment where you can manage all your models, their parameters, and even version control your experiments.

Demo: Build a Research Summary Podcast

Let's take a look at how multimodal chaining with AI Workbooks, GPT-4, and ElevenLabs Multilingual V2 can work together to create a podcast that summarizes research papers.

First, GPT-4 is used to generate a digestible summary of a research paper abstract. This model is capable of understanding complex academic language and translating it into a more accessible format.

Next, ElevenLabs Multilingual V2 takes this summary and converts it into speech. The result is a podcast soundbyte that provides a clear, concise summary of the research paper, ready for your audience to listen to.

This is just one example of the power of multimodal chaining with AI Workbooks. The possibilities are endless!

Ready to Get Started?

Check out the AI Workbook (clone to edit):

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